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  • WordPress VS Joomla- Which is Convenient CMS Platform for Your Business Website?

    The content management system (CMS) is an important part of your website. Every website owner needs to consider this aspect very seriously to ensure that it is easy for him to manage and edit the website contents from time to time. Every UK SEO company and others worldwide offer the clients several important CMS development platforms including WordPress, Joomla and others. Among all others, these two are most widely used by the developers. If you are confused while choosing one, here are some factors of consideration for making a more decisive choice.

    Content Structure

    The website and CMS platform you choose depends largely on the type of business and the contents you intent to use on your site. WordPress is more convenient for designing a CMS for your site if you are intending to create a blog or content-based website. This also eases the use of SEO services to raise the SERP rankings. Joomla is an excellent option for corporate websites and other static sites.

    Website Theme

    Often the clients are confused when it comes to choosing website themes from WordPress or Joomla. You will definitely find a never-ending array of themes on WordPress. However, the scope of customization are limited and generally directed to help the blogging sites. You will get minimalistic theme designs to choose. You can consider Joomla for theme template and designing that offers a versatile platform to include plenty of customization in your website design to suit your business needs.

    Website Elements

    Again, the CMS pattern you are going to develop for your website depends on the type of site elements and plugins you are using. Joomla offers an intuitive website extension structure that widens the scope to introduce many variations on your website as per requirement. Majority of the WordPress plugins are developed for the blogging interface and do not work well for other website forms.

    SEO Implementation

    When it comes to planning the SEO structuring, there is no denying the fact that WordPress is much more powerful compared to Joomla. WordPress offers a series of plugins and tools that are beneficial to set your SEO and search engine indexing properly. Consider consulting an SEO company in Birmingham such as SEO Results4u to get a more precise idea on this issue. However, you cannot disregard Joomla for the SEO alone as you have some scope in this department too.


    To be very honest, both WordPress and Joomla are excellent CMS platforms you can rely to build a custom tailored CMS. You simply cannot apparently decide to choose any one unless you consider the technical aspects of your website development project. WordPress stands as convenient option for the new business owners who are not very experienced with website management with the CMS. The phase of decision making will come at later once you have discussed the website design issues, the site contents and other aspects with the SEO agency. Always remember, the businesses differ in terms of website structure, operations, niche buyers, market competition and other factors. Based on your website format and business operations you need to choose a customized CMS to benefit the most.